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Our Aims


To ensure a safe, caring and stimulating environment, which children can readily identify with and into which they can integrate and remain happily with confidence.


To provide a high teacher student ratio, ensuring that each child receives individual attention and nurturing.


To offer a well-balanced and well planned curriculum, with carefully structured activities catering to each child’s individual developmental needs, in a multi-sensory, varied approach.



To encourage children to make self-directed and guided choices, work in groups as well as independently and develop learning skills through practical experiences of basic problem solving, reasoning and questioning.


To promote an awareness of the importance of health and fitness, through a balanced program of physical activity.


To foster the well being,

self-esteem, personal development and self-confidence of the children and teach them to form positive relationships, developing care and respect for themselves, others and their environment.



To provide opportunities for communication, where parents and teachers can exchange and discuss information concerning their child’s development, always working in partnership to give each child the optimal school experience.


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