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The Playschool Program

The First Steps program- a mother and toddler program that takes place twive and thrice weekly- is a play based educational program where toddlers and babies attend with their mothers.

The Second Steps Program is an advanced program for those toddlers who are ready to attend school independently. There is a gradual weaning off process leading to independence and self confidence. The curriculum is designed to maximize each child’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth using fun-filled educational activities, within a structured routine. 

First Steps
Program 1
Twice weekly
8 m +  

First Steps
Program 2
Thrice weekly
12 m +  

Second Steps
Daily Program
1 yr 4 m +  

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The Pre-school Program

The Preschool Program lays the foundation for successful higher learning abilities. The curriculum is built around a broad and balanced program where children are encouraged to make self-directed and guided choices, work in groups as well as independently. The educational activities offered are in areas of science, dramatic play, music, art, math, language, pre-reading, pre-writing and problem solving, differentiated according to each child’s capability and level.


Pre Nursery
1 yr 8 m +


2 yr 4 m +

Kindergarten 1 & 2
3 yr 4 m + and  4 yr 4 m +

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Holiday Program

Holiday programs take place during the Summer and Winter Breaks. Details are provided on our Facebook page and may also be obtained by calling the school.  Parents are informed that to make a no-obligation booking for a call back, or to register their interest, they may call the school at any time during working hours. 

Please note that Kids & Co students will be given first priority for all holiday programs.


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