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Faiza Rustam Rizvi

A place where kids are taken as kids. Not judged nor mislead. Entire team at kids & co are fabulous, as they know the art to keep your little ones happy and busy. They have the talent to bring smiles on our angles. My son was very happy to be a part of this team. 
Thinking of putting your child in a play group? Go for kids & co. 
All the bestFa

Shalla Junejo Khan

Wonderful memories. Congratulations all around on all of Kids and Co. How wonderful to be the maker of so many great memories 

Sidra Nadeem

My son misses the school and his teachers even now. Loved every bit of the year spent!Sidr

Rabia Ali

I would like to thank the kids and co team for providing my child a healthy learning space. These two years have been extraordinary for my daughter, Tabshira. She has had a very fulfilling, enriching, and fun experience with her teachers and fellow classmates. She love her teachers Tasneem and Ayesha the most. The teachers are truly dedicated and done a great job with Tabshira, she is very confident and socially active. The thing I love the most about the school is that it didn't bore or scared my child. Tabshira would go happy and be back singing gingles with a big wide smile. Kids and co have been a very happy place for us, and we shall miss it (and our friends there) very much indeed. Thank you again for nurturing my child with the best.

Mariam Akberali

Such a fantastic set up run by the nicest people- def the experts in teaching babies and small kids! It’s great to be part of the Kids & Co community.The new play school campus is like something out of a dream- well- lit, super clean, bright, cheerful- perfect for small babies. Thrilled to be back!

Asia Jeelani

My child was undoubtedly lucky to study in such a conducive and amazing learning environment. I extend my thanks and acknowledgement for all the need based academic and holistic support provided to my son, Abdullah Ali, through course curriculum, hidden cirriculum and extracurricular activities in two beautiful years. Thank you Huma and Team Kids and Co.

Shazeya Hadi Ghani

Love Kids and Co and what it has done for my daughter. The teachers, the environment, the learning methods all have been an amazing experience and it is unbelievable how much my child has learnt without any stress. It was the best decision that we made when we chose Kids and Co.S

Umme Muhammad Abdullah

A powerhouse of posivity for kids and parents both (y)
I wish you guys soon exceed to Kids and co primary section AMEEN SUM AMEEN In capital letters.
To me after surveying 3-best preschools Kids and Co was the only place where my 2 .3 year old actually waved us goodbye. The best preschool ever - such a trusting and understanding staff. You can ask anything about child's personal and educational growth anytime.Thanks a zillion for everything seriously
Can't thank you all enough. May ALLAH Kareem bless you all for actually building positive conduct in each child's early years. 

Nazneen Shahid

A true and heartfelt thank you for this gem of a school. High quality environment, activities, teachers and standards. It is by far a league of its own for toddlers and preschoolers. They have our 100 percent recommendation for anyone wanting to give their kids bright and wholesome start to education- focused on the child, her/his strengths/needs rather than delivering a socially enforced agenda. You will all be missed as we cherish all the gorgeous arts and crafts produced by our little one this past year. BRAVO!

Sadia Hasan

Thank you Aunty Bazla & Aunty Nida for being the most wonderful teachers to Mahra.
You played a pivotal role in her growth.
Thank you - for doing it with so much love, patience & so much dedication.
Can't appreciate you all enough and as always it is amazing to see how each one of you knows and recognizes each child by their names. Thank you Aunty Huma & your Team for your love and support!
We miss you all !! We'll miss Kids & Co. 

Umaima Harris

Will never forget your tremendous efforts. Both of my kids first school ... they still remember and miss it

Saman Ahmed

Superb team. Ibraheem's first school. They've made learning fun for kids. Stay blessed and keep up the good work.

Ambareen Kazim Thompson

I enrolled my son Michael at Kids & Co in 2008 when we moved to Karachi. A free spirit not used to being confined in a class room, Michael would often wander down to the head mistresses offices. They gave him their attention and were never unwelcoming. Michael's stay at Kids & Co was extremely stimulating and he felt so at ease that I had complete peace of mind. Michael got in to KGS and I feel the school helped in this by making him feel secure, confident and happy. Thank you Kids & Co!

Sundus Munir

We had gone to attend a summer school at a Deaf oral/speaking school called John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles. Fatima underwent several evaluations regarding her receptive/expressive speech, vocabulary, sound discrimniation, etc and she did well according to her age. Cognitively they said she's more advanced than the others her age. Most of this credit goes to the faculty at Kids and Co. Farah, Anjum and Zinnia have been Fatima's advocate since the beginning and have helped develop her into this young more confident little person who has a very strong personality now and knows good self control. I wish she could continue forward at your school but now this butterfly has to spread her wings and you all have taught her how to. 

Thank you for taking her in and being so understanding.

Saira M.H

My son Kareem attended the 2.5-3 years independent children summer program 2015. He LOVED every minute of being in Kids&Co. He went skipping every morning and came back full of smiles, love, knowledge and a gleam in his eye every day. 


I loved the way Kids&Co managed the children truly as if they were their own. I liked the balanced exposure for kids; Kareem does a mean karate kick and stomp as well as a relaxing yoga pose now 󾌰. His pencil grip has also improved a lot. 


Hands down, an amazing school with loving and caring teachers. 


A very big thank you to the BIG and KIND HEARTED teachers and staff who made the past month for him full of joy, laughter and memories. 

Kids&Co highly recommended!!!

Urooj Moiz Allawala

I'm so happy my daughter Zoya was a part of this school. Her teacher Anjum Hyder was brilliant 

Sehr Mayet

Fantastic work, Kids and Co! Loved every second of it and the kids loved every minute of the school too 

Humaira Faisal

Its nice that Aleena is a part of your school. Her teacher Farah was brilliant , thank you

Tazeen Adnan

Thank you so much for such a wonderful learning experience for Rohail. I am very very pleased and happy for all the learning that took place in these ten months.


My heartiest appreciations go out to Aunty Aliya for being Rohail’s first teacher who held his hand and made him learn the new phase of his life that was school and I am sure this will go long way and he will never forget his Aunty Aliya. Thank you so much Bina for being with him all the time. Rohail loves you all 

Huma Ansari

Kids & Co is warm, colourful and very child-friendly. The staff is  caring and pleasant to deal with, and the atmosphere is very homely. I like the fact that the ayahs are also trained. My kids were always happy going to Kids & Co 

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